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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 15, 2018

All is quiet on the war front with the cabal.

Final Authorization for the transition event was supposedly given today.

No specific time given.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 16 2018 Compiled 12:26 am EDT 16 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Broken Arrow" -- January 16, 2018

Source: Dinar Chronicles

So sundown(s) came and went on all coasts and these instructions arrived before midnight EST:

“Stand down. Return to beta.”

Feels like yet another full practice run done in real time. No 800# release.

Also feels like the big Trump flash bang is either next weekend or a month from now as to tee up the release with the Chinese New Year on Friday February 16th.

Next federal holiday is Monday February 19th.

Banks don’t know.
Rank and file military doesn’t know.
Local police forces don’t know.

Hearing rumors again about off site redemption locations in abandoned malls, winter dormant stadiums and empty airport hangers. Can’t confirm any of it.

Military bases for ZIM a certainty. Confirmed.

Fake Hawaii missile alert was counter response to destroying the cabals last broken arrow asset.

All is well.

Matthew Ward Channeled Message -- January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018 - New Message from Matthew

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is joyous to see so many of our beloved Earth family starting off the year with confidence and optimism—you shall see this approach is merited as the pace of developments starts to hasten. As much as we wish that everyone there had an uplifting outlook, we know this is more difficult for some than for others.

One reader’s long commentary includes, “There is NO sign of LIGHT disseminating the DARK. The Dark is getting darker by the hour.” And it ends, “If anything he [Matthew] states is true, it'll be centuries and centuries from now. Even to propose it may be forthcoming is misleading.” We feel sadness for this dear soul who has closed her heart and mind to the light in hope, thus its high vibrations cannot enter to dispel the discouragement she expressed, primarily about the direction the United States government is taking.

We welcome this reader’s perspective: “How does Trump’s role as president help us get to where we need to go to be free?” To be sure, the United States is not the only country where stark divisiveness abounds, it’s that the president’s decisions can affect nations around the world. What you observe going on there, like everywhere else, is only the public face, so to say. From our awareness of what is happening off-stage and its gathering momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential, actions you may deem worrisome are catalysts for the ever-intensifying light to bring order out of chaos and usher onto the world stage reasoned discussion and ultimately reconciliation.

What we said in a message a year ago is taking form—nebulous still, but gaining in shape and clarity:

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature. [December 9, 2016]

While manifesting that sublime world can’t happen in the blink of an eye—because the peoples don’t believe it can!—it will not take centuries and centuries. Myriad forms of assistance from civilizations afar, crews in spacecraft nearby, and the invaluable service of lightworkers on the planet have enabled Earth’s civilization to transition from slumbering in deep third density into an awakening populace with speed that is universally unprecedented. Even with the decade of delay in conscious and spiritual advancement, consider the national laws that grant equal rights to all citizens, many of whom previously had no recourse against the unjustness of bigotry, discrimination and inferior treatment. Indeed, there is a long way to go before fairness encompasses every person on Earth, each of whom is an equal part of God and all of whom He loves unconditionally, but that time comes closer with each passing day.

Utopia is a novel, a work of fiction, but life described therein derives from the power of love energy prevailing overall. Such is Gaia’s choice for her Earth body and all life upon it; therefore, you and the planet are heading toward planes of light so intense that only the high vibrations of love can exist. With countless souls choosing to complete third density karma and every person’s free will in the mix, the course has zigged-zagged since it began 80-some years ago. It will become more direct and smoother as Earth continues her steady ascension into successively lighter astral planes.

Our comments about climate will be clear without including your questions, and we begin by saying that record low temperatures and snowfalls do not disprove “global warming science,” nor does Australia’s unusual heat wave prove it. Climate change accurately describes what is happening, but the claim that this is occurring naturally—based on a once-superheated planet eventually having an abrupt ice age, which gave way to an era of tropical temperatures for long ages before another ice age suddenly struck, and so forth—is specious. Never before in the planet’s recorded history has there been technological weather-manipulation, which is one cause of temperature extremes and the unusually powerful storms, or has the atmosphere been so heavily polluted with toxins, the other cause, and neither happens naturally.

El Nino and La Nina are not contributing at all to climate change, they are its effects. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tremors are related to climate change only in the sense that one of their two causes also is manmade—severe disturbances in Earth’s body by the processes involved and the extraction itself of fossil fuels. The other cause is Earth’s release of negativity so it can’t accumulate, but the need for her to do so comes from humankind’s actions that produce the negativity. No, neither an ice age nor a broiling world is in Earth’s future, and yes, she still is moving toward a moderate climate globally. Yes, too, “human interference is hampering Earth’s progress” in that respect; however, just as all other aspects of life on the planet are on the way to betterment, the changing climate process will pick up speed.

“I understand Matthew’s reluctance to say anything critical about President Trump because that would be judging and souls at his station don’t do that, but can he tell us if there was collusion between Trump and Putin or not?” If “collusion” means they made a formal agreement whereby President Putin would do whatever he could to sway the election outcome in President Trump’s favor in exchange for Trump ending US sanctions, no such agreement was made, therefore there was no collusion. What is so is this: President Trump did want information from the Russians that could be used to discredit Hillary Clinton, and he does not want the Russians who know of his financial dealings, which he did not report as officially required, to disclose any information about those. Both presidents genuinely want their countries to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

“I think Matthew’s information sounds credible about who ‘meddled’ in the 2016 presidential election. There is unanimous belief that Russia/Putin are responsible, but without irrefutable evidence that this belief is justified. If there is proof of who actually was culpable in the computer hacking, why hasn’t it been revealed?” That wide-held belief about Russia, which is an Illuminati coup insofar as punishing President Putin for his refusal to cooperate with them, is due to lack of knowledge about the truth. Other than Putin himself and readers of our messages, the only individuals who are certain that he didn’t order the “meddling” are the Illuminati intelligence agents who did the hacking and our special force members in the same agencies; so we’d say that what is commonly believed in this matter is an excellent example of how anything repeated often enough becomes “fact.” Evidence implicating Hillary Clinton’s Illuminati colleagues in the Democrat National Committee was available prior to the presidential election. They don’t want that evidence ever to become publicly known or Russia to be exonerated, and through bribery, blackmail, death threats and assassinations, they have kept the evidence under wraps, but the truth will come forth.

“I hope the film clips of ET spacecraft on US news mean that government is ending its cover-up and Disclosure will be soon!” That was a heartening first step, and that government eventually will acknowledge the existence of other civilizations; however, because this administration is in a rather tumultuous state, officially announcing extraterrestrial presence is not on the agenda and it isn’t clear when it will become a priority. Full disclosure would include landings of spacecraft and introducing space family members who are living among you, and we don’t know when that will be—God is in charge of the timing because only He knows when safety can be assured for everyone.

From our observations, the United States government is much more interested in revealing information about matters that have nothing to do with the existence of other civilizations. Some members are participating in an international effort to expose and hold accountable the people behind slavery and pedophile rings; illegal drug trade; manipulation of the global economy via control of lending institutions, taxes and stock markets; control of mainstream media; influence in governments, religion, education and the entertainment field; theft of monies on a grand scale, some of which funds terrorist groups; and instigating upheavals around the world. In short, uprooting the Illuminati and their minions. Whenever a glimmer of truth about any of those nefarious activities has come to light, the Illuminati have labeled it “conspiracy theory,” a term devised to consign that information to the trash heap, thereby keeping intact their elaborate web of deceit. Now that the web is fast unraveling and many arrests have been made, the Illuminati will keep falling like a row of dominoes.

You are inundated with historic amounts of information that include contradictory reports, distortion by omission of relevant facts, flawed language translations, opinions or misinterpretations passed on as factual, and a great deal of intentional falsity. So, yes, “info assimilation & assessment burnout” could befall you. But rather than eschew awareness of world happenings, limit your sources to those you feel are the most trustworthy. Separate wheat from chaff by honing your discernment capability and asking within—your soul knows what is true and what is not.

And, dear ones, please do not get emotionally drawn into “the news.” We have lived in frenzied worlds like yours is in this moment, and we know it is difficult to put everything into the context that masses of souls are experiencing what they chose to achieve balance and evolve. Compassion, sympathy and caring don’t require emotional involvement in global dynamics. Simply send love-light to all of Earth and feel peaceful—the energy of peace within creates a peaceful world.

All lighted beings in this universe support you with unconditional love and cheer you ever onward.


Suzanne Ward

An Open Letter to the President and Congress

Greetings on this fine day,

I am one individual American and, the comments and thoughts below are what I see and think about what is happening in the country from that perspective.

Over time I have seen this country disintegrate from a place where you could live in peace and harmony to a place of fear and control, corruption but, not to the degree of the last 25 to 30 years. Things escalated after George H W Bush (Daddy Bush) got into office. My understanding is that he was born in Germany and was the son of one of Hitler's Nazi Party. When his natural father died he was adopted into the Bush banking family. This makes Bush the first foreign born person (German Nazi) to become an American President. I have watched this country deteriorate with each succeeding president. Do any of the people using the term Nazi have any idea what the word means? The Globalist have put a lot of effort into getting their NEW WORLD ORDER set up and functioning by means of every control they can think of money, education, medicine, vaccines and, constant war.

The FBI is an agency that is supposed to protect the citizens of this country and, now it seems that we need to be protected from them. The top level has no respect for the law (McCabe, Comey, Mueller and others) regarding the elites of government(the ones that think they are better than the people of America that put them in office). A good example is how the Mueller investigation went. Those investigating have all been PRO Hillary and ANTI Trump. What began as an investigation into Trump/Russia collusion was not able to be confirmed because it did not exist. It became in Truth evidence of collusion between Hillary and Russia for Uranium One(selling American uranium to Russia for the profit of the Clinton Foundation) Isn't it ironic that all of the evidence was against Hillary not Trump in spite of the Democrats and the media screaming "Russia, Russia, Russia at every opportunity trying to make everyone believe that it was true.

To the honest hard working people in the FBI IAM SO SORRY That you have has this kind of greed and corruption to contend with. We do appreciate what you do for us but, it is time to clean house and that is your job. You have the means and capability.

The CIA is another of the alphabet agencies that no longer works for America. It was set up to protect America's interest overseas. Today they have taken over the POPPY fields in Afghanistan (heroin) and become one of the most corrupt drug cartels around. This funds their BLACK OPS that the people are not supposed to know about. Drugs are a profitable business as is WAR. This war in Afghanistan is strictly for the control of the drugs. They only work behind closed doors because their agenda is so dark

Now we come to the MSM or as some call them MAIN STREAM MEDIA that doesn't know how to report a story unless someone has made up for them beforehand and written the script to be read then everyone else becomes a parrot repeating the same thing. I can remember when reporters really went out and got a story and reported it whether it was true or not. Today the reporters (talking heads) only report what the controllers will allow. This became very obvious during the election campaign Hillary was coached at every step while rules of engagement were violated at every step (reporters wearing wires that were not agreed to. Answers to questions ahead of time and, the electronic gear that Hillary wore on her back. The outline was visible under suit. This was out in the open and on TV and anyone that wanted to could see. HILLARY COULD NO WRONG AND TRUMP COULD DO NO RIGHT. This is why all of your selective polls were lies in Hillary's favor In spite of all of your help Hillary lost both the POPULAR and ELECTORAL vote. Even today after a year in office the MSM will not accept the truth no matter how much he works for this country. You are disrespectful, you lie about the president and, even today will not cover any news about Trump unless you can turn it into something negative. I no longer watch TV or read your disgusting rags because you have no credibility. You have totally destroyed it.

Next we come to BIG PHARMA who in their lust for money and power have bribed Doctors, insurance companies, EPA and CDC so they can make and get onto the market as many drugs as possible for their profit. This is all that counts with them. They do not care how many people die from the meds Many Doctors have been bribed or threatened into things BIG PHARMAs way. One of the things that is demanded is the use of Chemotherapy. This treatment in reality kills more people than the disease itself and there are statistics on line for this. Along with this HOLISTIC doctors are being murdered particularly the ones researching a Cure for Cancer. Today we know that pharmaceutical companies(CHEMICAL COMPANIES) are designed to control a particular disease and over a period of time this med will contribute to another health problem that will require another prescription and on and on we go.

Mr. President I think you should have not cut down the funds for CDC and EPA. My personal opinion is that you should have shut them down completely. They are worthless and do nothing for the America. Like most government agencies they squander the money and provide nothing for this BANKRUPT COUNTRY.

Now as we come to MONSANTO a company that is forcing people all over the world to use their dangerous GMO food and seeds. This company has also bribed the EPA and it is believed that they have colluded with BIG PHARMA and they can dow pretty much what they want. To attest to this approximately 80% of American food is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisims). One of the most promotnate one is corn because it goes into food for animals, corn oil,
as well as food for people.

The INTERNET is a source of information that is much more reliable than MSM and a place where we can research and learn however, Google, Facebook, Twitter and, others are now trying to control that and take away our 1st amendment rights as the DEEP STATE has with the press. The NEW WORLD ORDER does not want any of us to have access to information that is of truth. Their goal is to keep us dumbed down to prevent us from learning the underhanded things that they do.

Mr. President I am sorry to say ISRAEL is not our friend. Moving the embassy to makes little difference to anyone except the controllers. They are a part of the BUSH/CLINTON/NETENYUH/MOSSAD cabal and a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER very much a part of the corruption in Washington. What I have learned is that The DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY is owned by ISREAL. Requirements to work there you must have dual citizenship with Israeli citizenship ahead of American.

Mr. President before you sign any more documents for the Banksters for OIL/FRACKING check out the harm it is doing to to peoples Drinking water, the number of spills that happen and the earthquakes caused from fracking. Every state that has approved fracking has seen an increase in earthquakes. Oklaholma is one of the worst hit. Don't take my word for it, you have a good research team.


Over the last couple of years I have seen the American government disintegrate into vicious, backstabbing hypocrites. I knew they were corrupt I just didn't realize how slimy they had gotten. Where did all of this unadulterated hate come from? The Democrats can't see anything for their hatred of Trump. It is so bad that they plot and plan to MURDER a duly elected president. We have seen Maxine Waters become completely blinded by hate, Nancy Pelosie go off the rails about DACA. Have them fill out the proper paperwork and file it like all of the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS did. Allowing all of the ILLEGALS to stay here is not fair to the PEOPLE that took the time and effort to live here legally. They work and pay taxes just like all other Americans. The ILLEGALS come in and do not work or work for cash NO TAXES How does a bankrupt country pay for all of this? How are you going to pay for these programs when there is no more moneyWe do have laws in this country and everyone needs to live by them or nobody. There are people in this country that have respect for the laws even though it is through an ILLEGAL CORPORATION not the ORIGINAL REPUBLIC constitution that was put into place in 1776. The corruption doesn't just come from the Dems. We have seen Republicans vote against things for the American people rather than concede their power and control to Trump. The people of this country gave Trump the right to speak and work for us in view of the fact that Congress was working for the DEEP STATE (GLOBALIST and NEW WORLD ORDER) AGAINST this country.

President Trump has had to work to accomplish anything for the American people without any support form either side of congress because the Republican party is no better than the Democrats. Both parties work for the DEEP STATE(globalist) and against America. Trump won the election even though Hillary thought it had been bought for her. No one could believe that Hillary did not win. She thought everything was all locked up against Trump in spite of everything that you did with your MSM false polls, rigged machines, dead people voting for you, illegals voting for you, The pay for play Clinton Foundation not to mention your participation in pedophilia, child slavery and your occult practices.

Trump won legally and he won because the people of this country ARE FED UP WITH THE WAY OUR GOVERNMENT is NOT WORKING. The President has accomplished many things in spite of all the obstacles thrown in his way by both sides of Congress. Our president can serve only t(2) terms and we should limit Congress to an equal number of years. This way we can start over clean after eight (8) years. There should not be any career politicians, look what that has gotten us. All of you need to stop with the IMPEACH TRUMP hype. By the way what do we as the people need to do to remove Congressmen from office? There are many that need to go. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to CLEAN HOUSE

With that I will close with this



Tom Heneghan -- Hawaii Missile Alert from Canada!

Hawaii Missile Alert From Canada! Tom Heneghan

January 15, 2018 at 5:00pm

Source: Project Nsearch | By Glenn Canady

Tom Heneghan talks about what his US and French Intelligence sources have said about this missile attack on Hawaii. It was a real missile alert from joint Canada NORAD! Tom knows the alert came from Canada at this point. The idea that somebody pushed the wrong button is a total lie. These are the same people who had the US air defenses stand down during 9/11 according to Tom. He can't say yet if this was a real missile that was shot down or an intentional false alert but will have more information within the next 24 hours. Get on my newsletter so you get notified for the next show.

We're in a very dangerous time right now. The Illuminati cockroaches are backed into a corner. Their fake news is not working as well as it used to and more new revelations of their crimes come out daily! Stew Webb was told by super spook Otis Johnson (medal of honor) that Donald Trump was running an "operation" of his own to root out the traitors in our government. We're going to see the results of all this in the next 90 days most likely.

Here's more covered in the report.

The Inspector General (I.G.) report was due out today but since today is a holiday, it should come out tomorrow.

Michelle Obama tied in with operating MS13 gangs inside the US! She needs to get a boot!

Barack Obama already declared an illegitimate President due to his foreign birth.

Emails have now been uncovered that link Hillary Clinton directly to an assassination in Libya!

Trey Gowdy has been exposed as a big fraud covering up for the Bushes. He's a dog that barks a lot but has no bite for the Bush Crime Syndicate. He's been caught covering up for the Bushes now. Stew was right about Gowdy - he's a big fake! Tom even called up Gowdy's people before the vote on the spying bill and they told him they weren't sure how they would vote! That's a traitor.

Lancet Study Confirms the Breast Cancer Gene is a Myth

The “Deadly Breast Cancer Gene” is a Myth, Lancet Study Confirms

January 16th, 2018

Source: Wake Up World | By Sayer Ji

A powerful new Lancet study reveals that the so-called breast cancer susceptibility genes — BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 — do not, in fact, cause breast cancer. This means Angelina Jolie’s prophylactic mastectomy, for instance, was for naught.

A new Lancet Oncology study, reported widely in the mainstream media, confirms that the so-called “breast cancer genes” (i.e. BRCA1/2) do not have the power to determine breast cancer survival outcomes, as widely believed by the medical profession.

The study, titled “Germline BRCA mutation and outcome in young-onset breast cancer (POSH): a prospective cohort study“, found:

“[There is] no significant difference in overall survival or distant disease-free survival between patients carrying a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation and patients without these mutations after a diagnosis of breast cancer.”

The BBC broke down the study’s findings in greater detail, in their online article titled, “Breast cancer survival ‘unaffected by faulty gene“:

“The study, published in The Lancet Oncology, found 12% of 2,733 women aged 18 to 40 treated for breast cancer at 127 hospitals across the UK between 2000 and 2008 had a BRCA mutation.

“The women’s medical records were tracked for up to 10 years.

“During this time, 651 of the women died from breast cancer, and those with the BRCA mutation were equally likely to have survived at the two-, five- and 10-year mark as those without the genetic mutation.

“This was not affected by the women’s body mass index or ethnicity.

“About a third of those with the BRCA mutation had a double mastectomy to remove both breasts after being diagnosed with cancer. This surgery did not appear to improve their chances of survival at the 10-year mark.”

The study has powerful implications for the future of breast screening programs and the standard of care for ‘breast cancer’ patients. So powerful is the belief that BRCA genes ’cause’ breast cancer, that millions around the world consider it fact. Celebraties like Angelina Jolie have added fuel to the fire of this dangerous myth, by electing to have her breasts removed ‘prophylactically’ due to her BRCA status and the recommendations of her physicians. I discussed questionable nature of this decision in a previous article, titled “Did Angelina Jolie Make A Mistake By Acting On The ‘Breast Cancer Gene’ Theory?”, and elaborated further on the topic in an article titled “Pinkwashing Hell: Breast Removal as a Form of ‘Prevention“.

In the excerpt below from the Discussion portion of the new Lancet Oncology paper, researchers not only failed to find a causal link between the BRCA genes and overall breast cancer survival, but noted that some BRCA mutation carriers (diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer) may actually have improved survival relative to non-mutation carriers:

“We found no clear evidence that either BRCA1 or BRCA2 germline mutations significantly affect overall survival with breast cancer after adjusting for known prognostic factors. Decisions about timing of risk-reducing surgery should take into account primary tumour prognosis and patient preference. BRCA mutation carriers presenting with triple-negative breast cancer might have an improved survival during the first few years after diagnosis compared with non-carriers, although immediate bilateral mastectomy did not account for this advantage. Finally, analysis of early outcome data from trials exploring BRCA-deficient tumour treatment in patients with triple-negative breast cancer should be interpreted with caution in view of the possible early survival advantage for BRCA mutation carriers.”

While this finding may be surprising to those who have been led to believe that the BRCA gene ‘mutation’ status is a death sentence, we have spent the past few years debunking this misinformation by looking at the non-industry funded evidence itself. Millions of women have already been needlessly traumatized by overdiagnosis and overtreatment of non-cancerous, indolent growths of epithelial origin such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The “BRCA gene causes breast cancer” meme is another example of a mythical entity which has brought significant harm to women in the name of ‘saving lives.’ It has been leveraged by private and governmental interests alike to corral populations into cancer screening programs, whose results have often run contrary to their stated objectives of preventing suffering.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 16 2018

Compiled 12:26 am EDT 16 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Jan. 15 2018 2:09 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 15, 2018

1. All is quiet on the war front with the Cabal.

2. Final Authorization for the transition event was supposedly given today Jan. 15.

3. No specific time given.

B. Jan. 15 2018 12:57 pm EST Intel Situation Report: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 15, 2018

1. Indigenous leaders all signed off yesterday Jan. 14 in Beijing. All pre-conditions met.

2. Military’s worldwide have successfully practiced release protocols several dozens of trial runs at the beta/beta level. Banks too.

3. They never know when it’s “go” time, but always they must stay ready.

4. My guess is they don’t need 24 hours to process wave one - more like 6-12 hours to redeem this ever-dwindling Internet group and their 800# contact lists.

C. Jan. 15 2018 Fulford Report: "Tensions Rise Between Bloodlines" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 1.15.18 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. The petrodollar-funded U.S. corporate government faces a Jan. 18 start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil trading, even while it's still-unfunded Jan. 31 payment deadline looms.

2. Last week a missile from a Cabal submarine was stopped from hitting Hawaii and the submarine was sunk, Pentagon sources say.

3. Hawaiian residents received a warning: "Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill." Later it was reported to be a false alarm. It was not. It was an attempt by the Cabal to blame the attack on North Korea and use it as a trigger for their long-desired World War III, CIA sources say.

4. The attack was followed by an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity which “may be an attack on potential submarine bases in Chile, Peru, Papua, New Guinea, or underwater,” the Pentagon sources continue. U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency official Paul Laine has previously told this writer that numerous underwater (Cabal) bases exist. These bases now appear to be under systematic attack.

5. Pentagon sources say, “The war against Cabal soldiers MS-13 [the Salvadoran gang] escalates as Trump arrested MS-13 leaders in the northeastern United States, ends temporary protective status for 200,000 Salvadorans, and may do the same for 60,000 Hondurans.”

6. Trump seized all classified incriminating documents from the Obama Presidential Library to help the Department of Justice take down the entire Obama regime.

D. Jan. 15 2018 3:52 am EST Uranium One, False Flag, Assange, Trump: (Video) April LaJune -- Uranium One Indictment Unsealed, Hawaii False Flag and a Chess Game

This week, the corruption of the Deep State was revealed even more when one of the crooks involved in Uranium One was unsealed, Dianne Feinstein broke the law, Hawaii experienced a false flag via a large Red Pill and Q, Julian Assange and President Trump continued with their chess game toward checkmate.

E. Jan. 15 2018 12:29 pm EST: (Video) Sources Reveal Imminent False-Flag Terror Attacks in China

1. This was an urgent news announcement by Newsbud, based on information received from carefully vetted sources both inside and outside the US.

2. Radical Cleric Gulen’s Network, (the CIA’s long-term proxy for Gladio B false flag terror operations), has issued an action order to its top operatives (aka senior lieutenants) in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Latvia.

3. These operatives were to act as agent provocateurs- to create violence and terror incidents to be blamed on Uyghurs, an ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang region, and by doing so, incite the Chinese government to respond with force.

4. As a leading independent media organization Newsbud was releasing and disseminating this urgent announcement now in an attempt to help prevent further terror incidents and carnage. Please do your share and help us disseminate this information.

F. Feb. 18 2017 Whore of Babylon Revealed: The Dark Secrets of the Vatican Exposed American Intelligence Media "It is shocking to find that human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia and pagan human sacrifice rituals still continue to this day and are fostered primarily in the halls of power from the Vatican to the U.S. Congress and even the White House."

G. Jan. 15 2018 11:15 am EST Judge Anna on the London Cabal: Anna Von Reitz -- England, Again and Always

Haitian/Clinton Witness Killed

Clinton's Indictments Coming

More Clinton Corruption

Clinton Foundation Fraud

Summary Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 15, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 14, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 12, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 11, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 10, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 9, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 8, 2018

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff -- Value, Proclamation the Right Way...

I feel that we need to be aware of what controls we are under and to “revoke the energy” we have been trained and accepted these attachments and we should treat them as if they are demonic spirits. Which I believe is more fact than fiction in this world.

We did not create the money systems that we fully embrace. Our Creator did not create the money system either. Since money rules our world by choice. Our lives have not been consciously created by us; we did not have all the information about choosing how we want to live our lives out. The work we end up doing it is usually based on earning an income and the potential of you as an earned income to your country, state, IRS, family, and friends never as a divine being of creation or that you came here to co-creating a world with the grand Creator. If you could what kind of world would you create?

We could spend hours on the how’s, why’s but for me this also creates more wasted time and energy on a lie. Best advice is to remove yourself and your energy from the equation as fast as you can never looking back, it does not matter. What matters is that you can change and change how you use your energy. You have a purpose, no matter who you are, you matter to this world and all that is. It is never a life of doing without money, money is not real and it controls you. Seems to me the biggest fraud we live in is about money, if we have it, if we do not, this does not define anything about whom we are, ever. It only defines a system of our enslavement and the perpetual slavery of our future generations. A continual cycle that will never end until there is nothing left on this planet unless we change, you change and choose the destiny you came here to perform I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with money.

May you reclaim your energy from the system that enslaves you, may you find a place that you can recover your sanity and may you find the truth about who you are without money and the system that is defining you as earning potential or are not.

Grow Food, Be Free & Living for a Living!

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth-centric sign wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment, I summon all DNA lineage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find a remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call to the 4 elements, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. I call forth the spiritual court of equity with all ancestors in union with the migration patterns of all soul family’s incarnating on earth mother. I call the primary ancestor spirits of earth mother to come into this spiritual court of equity to hold space for the reading and removal of all contracts dealing with the energetic exchange of value systems.

I call forth the earth global Dreamtime. I call to the unified Dreamtime societies of all earth to come to this spiritual court of equity to provide their complete wisdom to this sacred moment in which I reclaim my sovereign spirit authority for all exchange of energy for value systems.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with the primary banking families. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking family crests. I revoke, remove and dissolve all banking family trusts that use my name as a number for energy harvesting. I revoke all assumed rights used by the DNA based king-ship, lordship, or manor roll contracts that function with in all banking families. I here by state I do not consent to rule by the few. I do not consent to rule by the banking families.

I do not consent with the assumed authority of the banking families funding the free court systems. I revoke all rights, privileges and rules created by the family crest based or DNA linage based banking families to dominate and control the free court system. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that define the bank system as being intertwined with my freewill. I revoke all fine print with in all of my soul contracts past, present and future that deal with any banking system as a 3d-matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

I demand the instant repayment of all energy and 3d matrix representations of value. I do not consent to the use of corrupt courts as a means of judgment. I revoke all rights of 3d based courts assumptions of power with any 3d exchange for value systems created for the follies of the banking families.

I here by revoke all consent of ink based, web based or energy based signature harvesting systems. I revoke all rights to use my 3d matrix signature to represent me in any court system, spiritual or 3d matrix.

I do not consent to the use of my soul contracts as a means of energy harvesting from any of the primary banking systems created by the primary soul contract holding banking families. I revoke all rights to use my name in any form of banking family coat of arms contracts. I demand the instant and permanent erasure of all signatures used to represent me in the banking exchange for value system.

I do not consent to the use of my life-force for any exchange for value banking system that is not completely transparent with all transactions, spiritual or 3d-matrix.

I here by state that all bank based buildings using sacred geometry have NO POWER over my sovereign free will. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking systems that use sacred geometry as a means of energy harvesting or a tool for domination and control.

I revoke all rights, privileges and assumptions with all buildings that use sacred geometry as fine print soul contract enforcement systems. I do not consent to any sacred geometry building to house, hold or transfer any of my life force to any banking system on all of earth’s time lines and or co-existing dimensions. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all sacred geometry systems that use my life force with out direct consent from me and all of my soul family ancestors in complete agreement.

I revoke all rights, assumptions and rules that create a new sacred geometry banking system. I here by declare that all banking families and systems are now banished from operating in secret, covert or overt ways to harvest my energy in any way shape or form.

I here by declare that earth mother is now in dominion with me for all energy exchange for value systems. I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the earth Akashi record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.

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